The Park

Copyright © 2008 by Tiki Kritzer Seger.  All rights reserved.


There is a group of people who come to the park
every summer without fail
Days pass in the sun and nights in the dark,
for the young, the old, the strong and the frail…


Why do those people come to the park;
there'’s nothing to cause such attraction
Tripping under the trees in the sun and the dark;
anything for a bit of distraction…


I’m one of the people who come to the park,
to purchase a dime of cocaine
I pass my days in the sun and nights in the dark;
I sleep on benches and wash my face in the rain…


I sell my body to pay for my drugs
and close my eyes to the truth
I cajole my clients with kisses and hugs
while I bargain away what’s left of my youth…


Some of the people who come to the park
are only there to sell
They skulk in the sun and creep in the dark
and offer bargains to hell…


There are other people who come to the park
with the intention to buy
wares from those who hide in the dark
and advertise dreams and lies…


I cry in my head and bleed in my heart
and wait for a chance to die
Sometimes I wish I could make a new start;
then I wouldn’t have to cry…


Perhaps someday I’ll get out of the park,
and find a new way to live
Then I’ll be able to sleep in the dark;
I might even be able to give...


Love, love, love…

Tiki Kritzer Seger 0