Rainy Day

Copyright © 2009 by Tiki Kritzer Seger.  All rights reserved.


I look out of the window,
over the roofs of the town.
It's a cloudy, gray day;
the rain's pouring down...


Some people are walking;
umbrellas held high.

The chimneys are smoking;
puffing into the sky.

An old man on the corner,
huddles into his coat.

A child in a garden,
builds a lake for his boat.

A young girl is skipping;
jumping over the puddles.

Some lovers hold hands;
sharing kisses and cuddles.


I stand alone at the window;
look out over the town.
I feel like a stranger,
a fool, or a clown...


A bus stops at the crossing;
a few youths step out.

Laughing and joking,
they all play the lout.

There is an old lady,
coming out of the store.

A drunkard is begging,
he's hoping to score.

Abandoned in the alley,
is an old glove.

Under the oak tree,
a couple makes love.


I'm still at the window,
gazing down at the town.
I want to feel happy,
but my face holds a frown...

A lady is dancing,
she lifts her face to the rain.

A car at the junction,
waits for the train.

The friendly, old postman
delivers the mail.

There is a stray dog;
he's wagging his tail.

A penny is gleaming
in the dirty, brown grass.

Outside of the bar,
a man lifts his glass.

And I, at the window,
observe this small town.
I watch as the rain stops,
then smile and sit down.


Tiki Kritzer Seger 0