Copyright © 2008 by Tiki Kritzer Seger.  All rights reserved.


I watched the green grass growing on a sun kissed plain,
rooted in the earth and nourished by the rain.
I saw the tree tops reaching towards the sky,
and watched the birds, the bees and the butterflies.


I lay myself down in a flower filled field;
with my head against a tombstone, I felt myself yield.
Let go of all my problems and all of my dispair;
just relaxed and felt the wonder of those flowers in my hair.


I picked myself up and headed towards home;
decided that I didn’t really want to be alone.
Headed on down to the nearest bar,
then I threw my head back and saw a shining star.


I stopped walking for a minute and started to think
“Then again, I don’t really need that drink…”
I retraced my steps from whence they came;
thought “There’ll be other nights to play the game.


Tonight I’m gonna curl up in my bed;
open up my thoughts and clear my head.
There’s nothing I really want to say;
I just want to keep holding onto this day.”


As I reached my building, I looked up at the moon
and promised myself to go back soon
to visit the graves of my husband and sons
who died heros before the war was won.

Tiki Kritzer Seger 0