The Prison Guard 

Copyright © 2008 by Tiki Kritzer Seger.  All rights reserved.


I went with a bunch of friends to a cabin in the mountains one hot, summer weekend.  We drove in an old van that belonged to somebody’s father; the guy who was driving was the only one who was old enough to do so and I think he even had a driver’s license.  All of the back seats had been ripped out of the van and an old mattress and about 20 blankets had been strewn around to make a cosy, if dirty, nest.  I was just about the only person along who wasn’t an aspiring hippie; with my short strawberry blond hair and sexy, borderline punk clothes, I really didn’t fit in at all.

Two of the kids, Rob and Cindy, were friends of mine, and they had invited me to come along for the trip – the cabin that we were visiting belonged to Rob’s father.  Rob and Cindy were a funny pair; he was 17 and she was about 24, but they were crazy about each other.  I liked flirting with both of them and I really would have liked to fool around with Cindy (at that point, I was into both men and women) who, although her body was somewhat ruined from having given birth to two children, had an absolutely lovely face framed by thick, silky, dark brown hair.  Cindy had other ideas, however, she wanted me to sleep with Rob; she was the only woman that he had had sex with and she wanted him to gain some experience with another woman – mainly me.

There were about 10 of us in the back of the van and a couple more squeezed into the front.  We had some acid (LSD), plenty of cigarettes, a couple of pizzas and a mixed case of beer and cola along for the trip; all of the necessities.  With music blasting from the open windows, and shouts of laughter as one or the other of us said something especially witty or the drugs and alcohol got the upper hand, we made our way through the city traffic and eventually out onto the open highway.

By the time we reached the cabin, most of us were at least half asleep; we stumbled out of the van into a country-style log cabin.  It was enormous, and there were about 10 bedrooms, but it still managed to give the impression of being cosy and comfortable, so we immediately made ourselves at home.  I was given a tiny, corner bedroom with a handmade patchwork quilt on the old maplewood bed and lace curtains on the window.  After tossing my backpack on the bed and giving myself a cursory glance in the dressing table mirror, I went in search of my companions.

Everyone had gathered in the living room; this was the ideal party room: there were pillows and cushions strewn everywhere on top of throw-rugs and the only furniture was an old, overstuffed couch and a low table.  I cuddled up next to Rob on the sofa and pulled a soft, green, wool blanket over the two of us.  As the light streaming in through the many windows mellowed to twilight and the voices of our friends blended into a soft background buzz, I put my hand on Rob’s crotch and massaged him until his zipper was strained to the limit.  I kept rubbing until he tensed and jerked inside his jeans and as he relaxed, I felt a slight wetness seeping through the soft denim.  I took my hand away and smiled at him, he grinned back at me, then looked across at Cindy and winked.  The party was just getting started, but I was tired, so I excused myself and went to my room.  After a quick shower in the hall bathroom, I curled up in bed and was asleep almost as soon as my head touched the pillow.

The next morning, I was the first one up.  As I entered the old fashioned kitchen, the back door opened and Rob’s father came in; he was around 50, but in really good shape with a nice, flat stomach and the same bright red-gold hair as Rob had.  We started to make breakfast together and he flirted with me much more then he should have; I was only 16, and although quite adult for my age, nowhere near as mature as he was.  Just as I started to wonder if I really wanted to take it further, Rob and Cindy came in and helped us make pancakes and set the table for everyone.  We didn’t all eat together, however, everyone just sort of trailed into the kitchen at rather large intervals and helped themselves when they got there. 

After breakfast, everyone else decided to take a hike on the mountain, but I volunteered to stay at the cabin and clean up the kitchen; Rob’s father stayed with me. As soon as the last dish was done, he took my hand and led me into his bedroom.  He efficiently stripped off all of my clothes and was caressing my body before I was finished deciding whether I wanted him to or not.  Within two minutes, I was on my back on top of the bedspread and he was on top of me.  He plowed into me steadily for another couple of minutes, after which he groaned rather loudly, slid from between my spread thighs and rolled over onto the other side of the bed. As I stood up, he slapped my butt and blew me a kiss, then he closed his eyes and started snoring.  I walked to the bathroom at the end of the hall and took another shower, then I got dressed, packed my backpack and left.

As I stepped out onto the highway, I struck a sexy pose and stuck out my thumb.  There wasn’t much traffic, and I had to wait about 20 minutes before a car stopped for me; this one was being driven by a good looking, young guy in dark blue slacks and a white shirt; he looked nice, so I got in.  He asked me where I wanted to go and I told him home to Manhattan.  We chatted for a few minutes and I was feeling cool and comfortable when he reached over me, opened the glove compartment, and pulled out a gun.  My heart stopped beating.  I couldn’t breathe.  My only thought was to do whatever he wanted in the hope that I would survive the experience.  He broke the gun open, slipped out the bullets, closed it up again and handed it to me while saying “Take a look at this beauty; I just got a job as a guard at the prison on the top of that hill, and they gave me this gun and a fancy, new uniform to go with it.”.

With sweat pouring down the back of my neck, I admired the gun and told him that he would look great in his new uniform.  My knees kept shaking throughout the whole 2 hour drive back to Manhattan, and I’m sure that all of the color had drained out of my face, but he didn’t notice that anything was wrong, he told me all about his new job, his girlfriend and his hopes for the future.  He let me out in front of my Mother’s building and gave me a kiss on the cheek; I thanked him for a nice drive.

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