Neither Here nor There

Copyright © 2015 by Tiki Kritzer Seger.  All rights reserved.


My name is Sayid


I come from a warmer land

with the shoes on my feet

and a mobile in my hand


I'm from another place

another world

I'm of a different race


I have black hair

My skin is brown

The people here are fair


My wife covers her face

They laughed at her

she's in disgrace


In the boat

we had no food, no water

We had to fight to stay afloat


The baby died

Screaming then in silence

The little boy survived


We had to run

We had no choice

The others all had guns


They raped her

my mother, in the name of God

a fanatic and his brothers


An old friend sent an SMS

"You'll be welcome in Germany

Check the net - it's in the press"


Now we're here

with a million more

full of hope - and fear


The nights are dark

and cold behind the fence

Across the border is a park


We thought we'd find a home

but we are hated

and still alone



Tiki Kritzer Seger 0